How to Join

We strive for excellence and are very selective in our hiring process. Experienced strippers with professional photos will be hired immediately. All incomplete applications will be ignored. Please follow the directions carefully to become a part of our exclusive team of dancers!

You must include the following 6 items in your registration: (90% of applicants FAIL at following these instructions)

  1. Pictures including one of your full body. (no selfies, filters, ect.)
  2. Your stage name.
  3. Your cell phone number.
  4. The city + state you want to work in. (must be from our list of locations)
  5. Your experience.
  6. Your state ID or license, for plane tickets & proof of age. (use your camera phone)

All information is confidential. Applicants concerned about the ID requirement can censor their license/ID number but NOT date of birth.

We Are Hiring Strippers Always! All positions open pole dancer jobs, strippers jobs, nude jobs, exotic entertainer jobs, this is the place to begin your career as a exotic stripper.

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