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Support Is The Backbone Of Our System

You’re in business for yourself, but you’re not alone. When you become a SoFloClubs JOBS licensee, you join a time-tested support system. From vigorous start-up support and strong marketing / advertising expertise to ongoing business consultation, we position all of our licensees for success. It’s time to take your next step to a more exciting and successful future. SoFloClubs JOBS will take you there.

What we do for you as our partner:

  • We handle all of the sales and reservations for your agency.
  • We provide all of the websites and online business systems.
  • We provide you with all the training that you'll need to be successful.
  • We provide online training for the dancers that you hire.
  • We handle the placement of advertising (you pay the advertising costs) in your area to attract new clients.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Posting free online advertisements to hire dancers, on a daily basis.
  • Contacting and keep up with your dancers to book them for strip clubs.
  • Making sure that you send dancers to each of the clubs that have a reservation.
  • Being available to provide support for your dancers. (if they get lost, etc.)
  • Paying for advertising to attract new clients. ($200 per month)


  • Set up fee depending on how many advertising venues you wish to enroll in. ($1500.00 Solo - $10,000.00 Biz)
  • Hiring of an employee to market the service in your area and answer your calls. (if not yourself)
  • Monthly advertising contribution: $200 (or more, depending on your comfort zone or how much business you want to get).

** We handle all the heavy lifting and you handle the hiring / management of the dancers. The net profit from your territory's sales are split 10/90 your favor.

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