Ts Lounge -- Aka Ultra


Ts Lounge -- Aka Ultra

What do we offer?

  • Fully nude beautiful ladies.
  • Full friction lap dances.
  • A wide variety of full liquor services.
  • 7 private VIP rooms.
  • Happy hour everyday until 8:00pm.
  • Top adult film and magazine stars.
  • Give-a-ways during every feature shows.
  • Daily drink and dance specials.
  • Frequent car and bike shows.
  • All major sporting events and UFC fights.
  • Bachelor party and VIP services.
  • New feature entertainers every week.
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Dancing Info
Ultra No particular name, Just contact the phone number. (561) 471-9530 Hiring Caucasians Hiring Hispanics Hiring Orientals Hiring Europeans Not sure about FEES, fees always changing. DJ & House Mom Fees Apply. Strip Club don't provide housing - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide transportation - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide travel expenses - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide online auditions - Only w/SoFloClubs.
Strip Club Info

  • This strip club is mostly Caucasian dancers.
  • 3 shifts, Opens everyday, View site for hours.
  • Club has over 50 dancers on schedules.
  • Apply within club or w/sofloclubs contracted dancer.