Scarletts Cabaret


Scarletts Cabaret

Scarlett's Cabaret is the premier Night Club entertainment venue in the South Florida located in between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area.

Supreme sound system, intelligent lighting and professional DJ's. Plush comfortable seating in 5 distinct areas to suit your mood and our high quality lineup of exciting entertainers, LED shows,Fire Shows combined with an unforgettable sensory experience. Open late 7 nights a week!

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Scarletts Cabaret No particular name, Just contact the phone number 954-455-8318 Hiring Caucasians Hiring Orientals Hiring Europeans Not sure about FEES, fees always changing. All fees adds up to less than $100.00 All fees adds up to more than $50.00 Strip Club don't provide housing - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide transportation - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide travel expenses - Only w/SoFloClubs. Strip Club don't provide online auditions - Only w/SoFloClubs.
Strip Club Info

  • This strip club is mostly Caucasian dancers.
  • 3 shifts, opens everyday, from 12 noon until 4am
  • Club has only 80+ dancers on schedules.
  • Apply within or w/sofloclubs contracted dancer.