Frequently Asked Questions - Contracts

Yes, We sometimes will pay for a dancer's travel expenses but this is only to a few.. Mostly to those whom have had a prior business with us.

Also most will pay for a dancer travel expenses if they merit the dancers experience.

If We pay for your travel you will be expected to sign a contract and to work 2-3 weeks.

NO, No dancer should be paying anyone for job placement in strip clubs... STRAIGHTALK DO NOT ask or charges money to dancers, we get paid by the clubs, taxi, rooms you use when we do book you tours and from our website.!

Although our clubs are of a very high standard, not everyone is happy in all the clubs they work in. Please just communicate with us and we will do our best to book you into another of our clubs close by if we have one. Or we will make suggestions about what you can do. It doesn't happen very often but if it does we will do our best to sort you out.

@SoFloClubs provide this service-support for You once we confirm you are Booking with Us! We set you up with our local Taxis / Drivers & Hotels / Hostels.

Reminder using our Partners helps keep this booking service FREE and this way you keep your cost of living down..

** NO USA Strip Clubs provide arrival support to dancers..!

We do therefore suggest every one purchases medical and travel insurance before leaving home that will cover them for the duration of their stay. (you will pay for this.) This can be purchased at most travel agents when you buy your airline tickets. For the small price of the insurance, you might end up saving a lot of money in medical bills if you do get ill or have an accident overseas or even in another state.

If Your Taxi / Hotel is NOT being professional please at no cost do report any and such behavior even if happens once and they excuse themselves. REPORT all incidents... never leave them unreported! We have to many partners to have one bad apple in our bunch.

Heck never would We rent, share, sell or trade personally identifiable information with third parties sites or agencies.

A club may cancel a booking up to 24 hours before the booking date and time. This is rare and is used for emergency purposes. If the club cancels your booing, you will be immediately notified through email and Your bookings will be altered with another club if possible, if not we could extend your stay at another club.

Yes you will not be required to sign any contract if you dance in the USA, strip clubs outside of the USA you will need to sign a contract and have a valid work