Frequently Asked Questions - Entertainers

All future dancers can audition simply by clicking on this link:

But before you do so please contact me Chelsea via phone at (786) 766-0322 so I can meet you in the chat room. You must first contact me to coordinate a time and date for your audition. DO NOT expect for me to be waiting for you online. Thank You

I do understand that most of You have other JOBS or Families to which you would never like to hurt, by posting sexy or nude photos online.

In order for you to get a JOB in a Strip Club Yes You upload photos of You unto the website. SoFloClubs is a very secured website simply make sure that you or on https:// & not http://.

Our website is secured by Godaddy and I will never share ANY info with third party websites. So yes I do require that all dancers upload photos it will be very hard to find a strip club employment without knowing how you look first hand.

It would be preferred to contact us before hand this way we could let you know what Gentlemen's club is hiring and which one will accept you... However yes you can travel first then if you do need any assistance we could most probably help you out..

To work for most of the strip clubs here in South Florida You have to set a schedule up and maintain it other wise you will be fined for not showing up... To work in a club for a special event is hard since You got plenty of ladies who work before you that will beat you to the schedule... It usually work on a first come first served basis!

To work for most of the strip clubs here in South Florida You have to set a schedule up and maintain it other wise you will be fined for not showing up... To work in a club for a special event is hard since You got plenty of ladies who work before you that will beat you to the schedule... It usually work on a first come first served basis!

Of course you can bring a friend, we usually suggest this anyway. It is so much better to travel with a friend than to travel alone anyway. Another good reason to travel with a friend is so you can split the cost of accommodation at the clubs that don’t provide the accommodation for free. At least if there are 2 of you or more, you can share a single or double room.

Yes of course! The beauty of applying to work with us is that you only have to submit one application, and that one application stays in our booking system and we send your application to all the clubs of your choice. We may ask you for updated pics from time to time and any other details to keep your details up to date. One application gives you access to clubs all around the world!

Once we have have received your application, one of the @SoFloClubs staff will contact you using all the contact details you have given us on your application.

Our staff will discuss what options are available for you to work in, if there are visas available or not and what we can do to help you. They might also offer alternatives for you to consider.

Once we have have received your application, one of the @SoFloClubs staff will contact you using all the contact details you have given us on your application.

Our staff will discuss what options are available for you to work in, if there are visas available or not and what we can do to help you. They might also offer alternatives for you to consider.

Below are just some suggestions, remember there are probably some things we may have missed off: • Appropriate clothing; check any travel website for seasonal temperatures.

• Purse – to keep your cash and tickets in whilst working.

• Make-up utensils and toiletries.

• Your own pillow, sheets, towels.. (these are supplied but for their own comfort many girls bring their own.)

• If you are bringing any electrical goods such as a hairdryer you will need an international plug adapter, ask us and we will tell you.

All you have to do is go to the  on this website and follow the instructions. Please make sure you have RECENT pictures of yourself to attach to your application before you apply. If you do not have any pictures, please apply when you have them. The pictures must show your face and figure clearly so a mixture of full body shots and a head shot is fine.

Most states are pretty big and truth is most of my classmates can't afford to go to many clubs so You are pretty much safe. Although lot of our girls live in other states and commute to work on weekends.

Don't worry about your chest. I've worked with lots of girls who are totally flat.

Different guys like different types of girls, many men prefer a more athletic figure. If it really bothers you just go get them done. But do it because it will make you feel better about your body not because you care what people think.

I'm really surprised you're having so much trouble. Clubs are always desperate for dancers. But You are not doing nothing wrong, i would suggest to move from clubs.

It depends a lot on what city you're working in and 2 weeks is still fairly new. When I started it took me about a month before I started really making money. Those first few weeks were so depressing- a couple of times I only made cab fare home! If I were you I'd try to get a feel for what the other girls are making.

If they've been there a year and are still making only $300 a night then perhaps you should look for a better club.

Most boyfriends are okay with it for the first few weeks. Then jealousy can start to set in.

They imagine you're doing all sorts of things at the club at night when they're at home. Or if his friends find out they can try and get him worked up- they say things like "man, how could you stand to have other men looking at your girl like that, I'd never let my girl do that" This can start to build up and eventually leads to a big fight during which all his suspicions come out and it gets pretty ugly.


Remember you don't "have" to do anything!

This is very important. Lots of new girls get taken advantage of. A customer will say something like "well the other dancers let me touch their crotches" and the girl feels like she has to allow it otherwise she won't get customers.

It's pretty free flowing, I move from one routine to the next at will. It would get pretty boring if I did the same thing every night. You just go with the music. A good DJ helps.

I don't lap dance (that and touching aren't allowed at my club) I think I prefer it that way. A lot of girls think they'll make more money working at a club that allows lap dances but that's generally not the case.

Some girls prefer it though- in some ways it's easier. Dancers at "gown" clubs have to stay in better shape. A guy won't buy a dance from a chubby girl if she's not going to bump-and-grind. It's a question of personal preference, if you find lap dancing demeaning then don't do it.

Most clubs charge a house fee. Dancers love to complain about this but few of them understand the economics behind it. House fee covers the cost of dressing rooms, security, make-up artist etc. At my club house fee it's $75 a night. Some clubs go as low as $20. At a club with a higher house fee you will definitely be making more money so don't use house fee amount as a criteria for choosing a club. You should expect house fee to work out to between 10 and 20 percent of your nightly earnings. Calculate it at the end of a month:

I rarely tan, maybe once every month or 2 during the winter. Club lighting generally smoothes out the tone of your skin.

I started dancing when I was 18. I don't think any strip club would hire you until you are of the legal age most states it's 18 some are 21.

Heels are your first purchase. Minimum height is 3 inches- anything shorter and your gut will stick out and your legs will look like tree trunks.

Look for a shoe with a plastic one-piece sole and heel. Shoes with the leather and wood heels are much more elegant but after the second night of dancing on them the heels tend to flex too much and put a lot of stress on your knees and back.

Bottoms come in a few different varieties: choose according to your tastes, club rules, etc.

Almost all clubs require thongs. A dancing bottom can be purchased through mail order or at stores that carry them.

Girls who try dancing in underwear or a swimsuit bottom always look tacky. Buy the right kind. Some topless clubs have rules against g-strings (string sides and back) because they tend to not provide enough coverage to comply with local laws..

Some clubs don't care what kind of dress you wear- lots of girls wear neon spandex micro minis etc.

Other clubs called "gown clubs" have more strict rules and generally require these sort of slutty evening gowns. These gowns like the bottoms need to be custom made or ordered- nothing from the department store will cut it. One thing that I cannot emphasis enough- NEVER ever wear an asymmetrical dress (hem cut at an angle or one shoulder strap).

Hair. Neck down it's all gotta go. Leave a little patch on top. Even if you're only dancing topless you have to keep it pretty clear. It looks really gross when little strands of hair stick out from the side of your G-string.

Most girls wax but if it's a real problem some girls get electrolysis (ouch either way). I had mine done with a laser with good results. I know a lot of other girls are doing the same these days. Stubble is a definite no-no and shaving several days a week causes irritation and ingrown hair. So I'd stick with wax, laser or electrolysis.

Make up is pretty easy- most girls already know how to do that. Some clubs have their own makeup artists- they generally do a good job but tend to make all the girls look the same.

A vital tool of the trade is body makeup. This is used to cover any blemishes that you might have on your body. If your club does a lot of pole or floor work you will need body makeup- This kind of dancing causes a lot of leg bruising.

What kind of shape you're in makes a bigger difference in your earnings than anything else. An hour of exercise a day can mean $200 more a night.

It's important that you understand that your body is how you earn a living, as such you have to take very good care of it. In the world of strip clubs the name of the game is low bodyfat. Sure some men like extra padding but no one likes cheese. It's an unfortunate truth but the slimmer you are the more money you will make.

Doing Ashtanga yoga four days a week, run one-day and weight training one day. The most effective weight training exercises for woman are squats, lunges and stiff-leg or sumo deadlifts. None of these lifts should be done on machines- free weights only. Machines are no where near as effective. Train heavy and train hard. Yoga and dancing are both very catabolic activities (they break down muscle tissue) you will not get bulky.

Different diets work for different people. Regardless of what you choose it has to be something you can stay on permanently. You can't just diet when you think your getting fat, as a dancer you have to maintain a consistently low level of bodyfat.

For me carbs are the problem. The only real carb heavy meal I eat is breakfast, I usually have a bowl of cereal or hot oatmeal. Then with lunch slightly less, usually just a sandwich with some whole wheat bread. For dinner almost none, a very small scoop of rice or vegetables with a small steak or chicken breast.

If you're dancing for shift pay in a blue collar "titty bar" you'll make about $150 a night.

A go-go or "cage" dancer at a regular nightclub might make $200 a night but she'll be dancing almost all night

Some girls might prefer that- you don't have to work for tips or talk to the guys.

A girl dancing for tips and drink commission in a nude club makes between $200 to $600.

DON'T have a drink to "calm your nerves". It is very habit forming- I've worked with girls who can't start the night without a few shots of "liquid courage". Drinking on the job is a really bad idea; it can let you permit guys to take liberties you would not otherwise allow - including getting in their car after work. If a guy offers to buy you a drink ask for a Diet Coke or juice.

When you're ready, just show up at the club and say you'd like an audition, be nice to whoever is working the door- they frequently screen girls for the managers.

They may ask you to come back on another night but they normally just put you on one of the side stages. One of the managers will watch you dance for a few songs then talk to you a little bit to make sure you've got a good attitude, etc.

At most clubs you walk around and ask the customers if they'd like a private dance (or lap dance depending on the club). Some clubs just have stage dancing. Often there is a private area that you can go for a dance.

At many clubs a significant part of your nightly earnings comes from dances. Most of the time the customer will pay for you to sit and talk with them as well. Guys vary a lot but it's always important to be attentive. Nobody likes to feel like they're being ignored. Most guys are pretty nice and easy to talk to. Provided you're a good listener and act interested, it's no problem.

When dancing it's important to stay motivated, at most clubs you are an independent contractor. You won't get fired if you don't work hard and no one will say anything if you decide to hang out at the bar and talk all night.

Are there any reviews on the site from other girls in regards to their experiences? It's not that I doubt it being a legitimate business, I'm just curious to hear from other girls how it's gone for them. Additionally, do I need to have money saved before I go for house fees, room & board, etc, and will I be housed with other dancers?

We ONLY send dancers to Islands or Locations that are mandated by the US government meaning that these Island are no different than being here in the USA. The money, laws, & system is exactly like in America.

Never ever, sit on your own or hang out at the bar talking to other dancers.

Yes You should always say thank you to any client it's just a good way of doing business or letting some one know that they are appreciated.

One last thing, don't screw with guys' heads. It's not cool, you can make money without doing it. I see lots of girls who string guys along implying they'll go out with them if they just visit a few more times or laying on sob stories about their sick children or parents.

Safety is a critical issue for dancers. Many men do not understand that what we sell is a fantasy or feel that our employment makes us fair game for unwanted attentions.

The six dumbest words that can leave a woman's mouth are "I can take care of myself". No you can't, and get any notion that you're some kind of tough girl out of your head. Men are bigger, stronger and meaner. They've been beating and raping women for thousands of years now and have pretty much got it down pack.

Yes, however let us explain:

We have rooms available for all dancers that pre-book with us due to shortage we do book up quickly. Rent $50.oo is paid daily includes rent, meals, transport to auditions & work.

We also do monthly rentals for those dancers that have previously booked with us and are coming back for a third time. Rent $750 is paid monthly.

Note: Subject to changes without notice always contact directly (786) 766-0322 Chelsea for accurate rent & dates thank you.

Depends on what time of year you are going. The busy season costs about twice what the slow season is. Right now, it is fairly High season in Florida. $100 is actually a little low for High season.

Hotels in Miami / Broward you can get a room for $90 to $150 High season downfall they go fast.

Gas obviously depends on where you're driving from. Was just down in North Carolina, and gas prices are slightly lower down south (about 20 to 25 cents).

But $3000 should more than cover a week in Florida in high season.

If You are older than 18 you can dance in almost any club. With your background it should fairly easy to pick on the moves or routines, however it will depend on your attitude how far you can go.

Many clubs do not provide the training or use of their poles for practice purposes. However many can't deny you the use of the pole while on shift..

Want to know the BEST WAY to join our team? Follow these simple guidelines:

Unfortunately dancing in America requires that you have a USA passport or permission to work in the USA. There is no travel or working holiday visa in America & we do not help with working permits. Although I wish I could I can’t help!

  You can visit this page for more information:

The only consistent thing about this job is that it’s inconsistent!

It is very hard to predict how much you will earn because it depends a lot on yourself. I am able to tell you the maximum you can earn in each club but that is not any sort of guarantee! Being an exotic dancer can be very lucrative and some girls make very good money, however, you will not make loads of money just by showing up. Dancers who rely solely on good luck will never be very successful, those days are unfortunately long gone…nowadays a major effort is required.

Because you will be looked after and not lied to ever. I am a female and I have worked as a dancer myself for many years so I know and understand every aspect of this industry, many men think they know but they can never fully understand what it’s like from a woman’s point of view.

Simple, Just sign up to the website and you will be contacted through the infomation that you provide us.

It usually take a good 24 hours before someone does contact you. If no one does within that time we are tied up, call us via phone:

Cell : (954) 446-4026

G+ : (786) 766-0322

Tel: (954) 362-4913