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Travel expenses and strip clubs

SoFloClubs Exotic Dancers Travel

Good day ladies and women of the adult industry

Today I want to talk about travel expenses and strip clubs around the world.

Many Strip clubs pays for dancers to come out to their establishments and dance, however there is this craze in the USA that strip clubs DO NOT help dancers travel to other states. Dancers have to come up with monies to rent Hotels rooms, Monies to go from strip club to strip club for auditioning.

Not to mention paying up house fees and first time dancer fees. SoFloClubs JOBS defeats this cause My name is Chelsea and I too was a traveling dancers from Japan to the Caribbean, From Guam to Florida. Many times I wished to have had some one help me with the frustration of traveling.

So few years ago I and some co workers started to help fill this gap in. Our sole purpose is to be part of the traveling exotic dancers agenda helping her find strip clubs to dance in, making sure they get to their auditions without stressing. 

SoFloClubs JOBS services include: Pre-Paid airfare, Rooms, Meals, Transportation, Auditions & Secured JOBS all for $50.00 per night instead of paying out even more for simply a motel room.

All our homes are simple, comfortable, and homey not just four walls and a bath you stay with other dancers, no guys, safe and cool laid back environment 420 friendly as well.

For those of You that have been afraid to travel, maybe you have what it takes but short on money, or you may just well be scared to be alone in your Journey SoFloClubs JOBS can surely be your guiding light..

Thank You for being a member


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