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Strippers / Dancers Make Mistakes

Strippers / Dancers Make Mistakes

Strippers / Dancers Make Mistakes

After reading Saxons' posts about the mistakes strippers / dancers make, I don't think there is much I can add to the subject. However, I have to say that he has hit the nail right on the head there with his points. My views are that it really does not depend on how beautiful a dancer is as some dancers may believe.

That is just an excuse because I have over 1,000 dancers registered on my Sin City Entertainment website and some of them are extremely hot, and some of them are not as beautiful as others. But all of them have a choice. That choice is to use an excuse why they are not a good lap dancer, whether it be "most of the other girls are much more beautiful than me", or "I'm too tired" or even "this club is not my style".

The bottom line is, you either go to work in the right frame of mind or you don't. Lap Dancers have a responsibility to rest well, make up and dress appropriately and choose the right attitude (a positive one). I know a lot of not so beautiful dancers that make much more money than the hottest girls, and that is because they are very professional and have the right attitude and communicate well with the customers. Please consider your reason and be honest with yourself on whether you are making excuses for yourself because in all honesty, there should be only 4 reasons why you have had a bad night in a decent clubs.

The first is maybe the club has had an exceptionally bad night or has too many girls working and there is too much competition. The second is that maybe other girls have regular customers and that is why they have done better than anyone else. The third is that you are not experienced enough to earn as much as the other girls. Personally, I find that quite lame because I know many new dancers who do well. The last reason is maybe you give up too easy and think "the club is bad, or i am not as good as other girls or the management is wrong". All of these reasons could be true at the same time, but it is up to you to make the best out of where you are.

Lap Dancers have a duty to be professional, not only in their actions but in their thinking as well so that they have the ability to talk to customers with a great smile and not make them feel hassled. It is worth bearing in mind that if you are working in a club in a foreign country, your culture is probably going to be different from the culture of the country that you are working in.

Therefore, you should bear in mind that even though you may have the right attitude in your mind, please consider that to someone else it might sound as if you are being pushy or loud or even rude. In this case, it is only a cultural difference, and getting used to that culture is paramount and should be on the top of your to do list. So if you are a lap dancer and use excuses like this, please take a moment to re-think your approach to the industry; it will serve you well. However, if you are a customer and meet a girl who is not the hottest looking in the club, then please consider talking to them because they might have the best attitude and dancing ability of them all.

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