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sofloclubs|1April 092017

Independent Dancers


There are many ways that You as an Independent Dancers can benefit from SoFloClubs JOBS. 100% Independent Dancers can use this website to find eveything they will need to plan, arrange, set up their own Exotic dancer travel. Simply surf the website or You can buy credits.

  • Independent Dancers, can access strip club listing by using the platform, to gain Free Credits. ()

Ex: ; adding photos/videos, sharing your club experiences as a blog, commenting on other dancers postings, making polls so others can vote on them, inviting your dancer friends/coworkers to join, anything you do on the site will give you credits, even for viewing other dancer posting & when anyone visit your postings you get credits too. 

  • For those that don't like to be online posting; photos & content. You can also to view & pass beofre all other dancers that Apply.