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Planning on coming down to South Florida to try out in one or some of sunny Florida strip clubs for an exotic / erotic dancing JOB!

But You have no clue of where the strip clubs are located, when do the strip club auditions, how much the house fees & tip outs are i each strip club, do You have to make a club schedule, which club manager should You speak with. Not to mention where will You stay, how will You get to & from auditions then to & from work, Your daily expenses for food ect, ect. ...!

These are just some of the things that We at  JOBS Do for the Curious, Experience or Professional dancer { Exotic & Erotic Strippers, Go-Go dancers} those that are ready to travel and make money while having fun... Almost making it a vacation.

Our Dance Dance Agency is Unique, we take the guessing out of it, leaving You with all the time to prepare for Your nights. Instead of worrying about whatever shouldn't be.

Our services starts when You arrive to South Florida airport, We pick You up then carry You to Your accommodation.

There You will finally meet up with Chelsea. She will orientate You about the perticular strip clubs that has picked You at that time. After You set yourself up for Your audition(s), which We also will take care for You.

Once auditioned You usually stay in the strip club working that night or day, We provide pick up from work no taxi or uber is needed.

While back at the room, you do as you like.. Rest, sleep, watch tv, get online, cook, you will have private rooms {'Except when full house (5 dancers)'} and the rest of the home to share with 3-5 dancers usually 3 dancers.

We do not own any Strip Club in Florida, we do work with over 60 Strip Clubs though. We do send out Your photos to the Strip Club before You leave Your state and let You know if they accepted Your online audition(s) We set up for You.

Our services are all free, You do pay for Your room which is $50.oo per night and it does include everything mention above.. NOTE to self this is not to be confused with House fees or Tip outs. $50.oo per night is for Rental arrangement not our services!

$50.oo usd Includes:

1.) Picked up from airport & carried to room.

2.) A room to call your own or shared.

3.) Transportation to/from Auditions & work.

4.) Simple meals, Wifi, Washer/Dryer, Outlets/Plaza/Mall near by.

5.) One on One training for newbies or those who like to share / exchange moves.

6.) We DO PAY travel expenses to Florida for those that pre accepted thru .

7.) Over 60 Strip Clubs to Audition after your initial strip club job.

8.) Cool Atmosphere not a boring hotel/motel rooms alone.

9.) Dance clothig and foot ware discounted prices.

This is simple, You wanna dance in South Florida Strip Clubs..  to the site, fill out completely make sure to  and put  in it. I will call You with the offers to Clubs which have said YES to Your Promo photos I sent them. You arrive to South Florida You get picked up and taken to Your accommodation. There You finally meet Me, Chelsea I'll orientate You about The Strip Club once more. You then go to audition usually You stay working, shift is over You get picked You up taken back to Your room, You pay Your $50.oo rent and do it all over the next "X amount of day(s)", that is up to You.

No contract or leases!

All Services are FREE

Rooms cost $50.oo

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For a Live Video Chat Audition go Here, then contact Us by sending a text to (786)766-0322.